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Our online identities are just as important as our real-world identities. When we interact online we leave behind a digital footprint that can be traced back to us. The following video demonstrates the importance of protecting our online identities. Watch the video and respond to the questions below in a comment.


  1. How did you feel as you were watching the video? What made you feel that way?
  2. What were some of the things Becky did that allowed her online identity to be shared in a negative way?
  3. What are some things you can do to ensure your online identity is kept safe?


  • Begin with a positive statement
  • Share your ideas
  • Support or explain your ideas
  • Use detailed and descriptive language
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  • Proof read your post to ensure it makes sense


Video property of Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre


  1. Hi everyone,
    I watched the video on online identity. I learnt lots about it. I think I’m lucky that I have not done anything like that in my life. It made me feel like if I do something like that I would be crushed. It made me feel like that because… I dont want to spoil my identity. The things that allowed everyone to read her online identity were she clicked the button that said, anyone can read my site. The things you can do to make it safe is only share with friends you trust and you know and make a site only with not all information about you. If you make a site I would make it really safe and only with really good friends.
    from ACA

  2. Hello 5ES community,
    I watched the video about keeping your online identity safe.
    • I felt that Becky shouldn’t show things such as her age, email or name to strangers. I felt that way because anyone could have seen.
    • Something Becky did negatively is giving out her email because then anyone could send a bad email.
    • Something you can do to keep your online identity safe is make your profile only visible to friends.
    Thanks for reading my post.
    From TS

  3. Hi members of the 5ES community,
    Today I watched the video about online identity, and I felt a little bit scared for Becky when she posted things about her identity because someone like Simon can see things that she doesn’t want anyone but her friends to see.
    Becky posted things that were very personal to her and she also put a sign in her front yard and Simon saw her details and important things. To keep your online identity safe is to put your profile on private.
    Thank you for reading my blog comment, DO.

  4. Hello World,
    I have watched the online identity video and I felt that the girl wasn’t thoroughly thinking about what she was posting online but I also felt sorry for her because she was in a great risk. Becky posted some things in a negative way because she was showing too many of her personal details e.g. She showed where she lived and where she goes to school, which can lead to stalkers, hackers or unwanted people browsing through her personal details. To ensure that your online identity is safe you can go into your settings of the site/download and pick only my friends can see my details and photos.
    Thank you for reading my comment.

    1. Hello
      I also felt that Becky was not thinking thoroughly about what she was posting online. I liked watching the video but I felt that Becky was being quite careless with her online identity, and she let that guy Simon stalk her and browse through her stuff.
      Thank you for reading my response

  5. Hello world,
    I watched the online identity video and I felt that Becky was not thinking enough about what she was posting on her profile and how other people can do bad things with the information and personal details on her profile. She was posting pictures on the website that anyone could see so it is the same thing as at the start of the video when she put up a sign of her email, her name and a picture of herself outside her house. Her friends also copied the picture and showed everyone at the school and the man, Simon, knew her school, her name, and her email. Now I know how we have to keep our identity safe.
    Thanks for reading my post,

    1. Hi
      I also agee with the fact that Becky was not thinking about keeping her online identy safe. I also now know that we should keep our online identity safe. And Simon, the man who Becky let invade her house, knew where her school was and watched her and her friends with their rollerskates.
      thank you for reading my response,

  6. Hi world,
    I really enjoyed watching the video on how to stay safe online. I learnt how to keep my profile safe and to not expose myself to strangers. It made me think about what I could do if I am being abused online. I could report it to a reporting site like Becky did in the video. It also made me think about how I can be safe online by not exposing myself to strangers and not letting just anyone see me photos.
    Thank you for reading my blog,

  7. Hello world,
    I really enjoyed watching the video about online identities. It made me think about how important it is to keep our online identities safe. I have learnt about how to keep my identity safe. Becky shouldn’t have put lots of her personal information on her profile and let everyone in the public see it. I know how to keep my profile safe by not letting everyone see my photos, only my friends. I thought the video was really interesting.
    Thankyou for reading
    From H.M.

  8. Hello world
    I watched the video “Online identity”. It made me more aware about going online and now I know what may happen if we give our personal information away to the world. Becky put up a sign to show her friends and the world all of her personal identity. You can ensure you are safe online by making sure your privacy settings are enabled and don’t expose your personal identity.

  9. Dear our 5es community
    When I watched that video I saw that Becky had done a wrong thing by sticking a pole in her garden with all her details and that is the wrong thing to do. Whenever you post something online you never know how many people can see what you have posted. I even saw how much trouble Becky was going through.
    I knew that I should not do what Becky has done online. If something happens online that is terrible, the right thing is to shut down my page.

    1. Dear NS,
      Becky didn’t literally stick a pole in her front garden. It’s kind of like a metaphor. She actually just displayed her details online. I agree that if you see something terrible online, you should shut down the page, but you should also tell a parent or a teacher or report it to a reporting site.
      Thank you for reading my reply,

  10. Hi everyone,
    Today I watched the online activity video and I think Becky wasn’t thinking enough about what she was doing online and how she let her friends do horrible things to her online profile. I felt that way because anyone in the world could have seen her private things. A negative thing was that she put her email out and people could send spams to her or find out where she lives.
    One thing you could to keep safe is put your profile on private so only friends can see.
    Thanks for reading this post,

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