Persuasive Radio Advertisements

Well done 5ES on the creation of your persuasive radio advertisements!

Today you will be listening to each advertisement and offering your feedback to other groups.

What you need to do:

  1. Listen to each radio advertisement.
  2. Choose one radio advertisement to review and give feedback for.
  3. Use the prompts below to guide you when writing your reviews and feedback.

How to structure your review:

  1. I am reviewing ________’s radio advertisement.
  2. Positive comments about the group’s ad
  3. Areas for improvement
  4. Sign off

Things to consider when writing your review:

Use the Persuasive Radio Advertisement criteria sheet and the questions below to guide your review:

    • What did you enjoy about the ad?
    • What persuasive techniques and devices did the group use that were effective?
    • How persuasive/convincing were the group’s arguments?
    • How clearly, fluently and expressively did the group members speak?
    • What are some areas the group could work on for next time?



  1. Dear IG, AC and AC

    Hi guys, I really enjoyed listening to your ad. It was very persuasive and funny. If Milkshake Town were real, I would be persuaded to come on down there. Your little jingle was also very convincing.

    I really don’t know what you should work on, but if I had to choose one I would say to include a bit more detail about Milkshake Town. But otherwise, great job on your radio ad.
    From MK

  2. Dear NS, YT, MM and TN

    I enjoyed listening to your ad, and it included description and persuasive devices. What I think that you should work on a bit is including NS a bit more, so you should all have a fair go at saying things in the ad. But I still understand that you had more people in your group than everyone else.
    Besides that small problem, you did a fantastic job on the ad.

    From MK

  3. Hello world,
    I have reveiwed I.G, A.Co and ACa’s persuasive advertisment and I thought it was absolutely fantastic! I really enjoyed the way you made it funny. I would definitely be persuaded by it. I thought you spoke really well and used lots of good expression. I think you used persuasive devices really well. Your advertisment was so good that it was hard for me to think of something to improve on, but maybe you could use more description.
    Thanks for reading!
    From H.M.

  4. Hi 5ES,
    I really enjoyed listening to everyone’s radio advertisements. I am going to comment on TS, GX and MP’s radio advertisement about coming to Melbourne Zoo.

    It was really good because it had a lot of information. Your jingle was very catchy and funny. Your information was very detailed because it included a phone number (although it wasn’t very believable,) an address and the name of the zoo.

    You could have worked on your voices because they weren’t very persuasive. You shouldn’t have included the part when you said to come and visit Queenie because she already passed away and it may bring back sad memories to some people.
    Overall your radio advertisement was really good.

    From KA.

  5. Dear GX, TS and MP

    I loved listening to your radio ad, it included very persuasive sentences and a good amount of detail. But I think that you should include TS a tiny bit more. Otherwise, your ad was very interesting and the phone number and the address was easy to remember which is handy.

    Thank you for reading my comment.

  6. Hello world,
    I had a great time listening to everyone’s radio ads. I am commenting on MK,ES and HM’s ad because their ad was very persuasive. They had lots of key information and didn’t get side tracked at all.

    I also really liked how they talked directly to the listener. They also asked the reader rhetorical questions such as “do you want to spend hours driving around a car park only to find everything expensive?” and I also liked how they used the phrase “get what you want as fast as lightning!!!”

    I enjoyed their ad, although they also could have maybe offered special deals such as a coupon for half off anything if the customer asks at the desk. Other than that there arn’t any flaws so I think they did an amazing job!

  7. Dear the 5ES community,
    I have just listened to all of the radio ads and I’m going to comment on A.Z, A.C and S.R’s about the library.

    I really enjoyed your radio ad. It was good but it needed a bit more improvement.

    I really liked how you always spoke to the audience and that you didn’t get nervous and stuff up. You did well with putting in your special deals in your ad and making sure you put it in the right place and not randomly in a place that didn’t need a special deal.

    I really think that you should have changed your voices more because they didn’t sound like you wanted to persuade someone and also you should have said more about where the library was because you just said ‘at the end of Doncaster Road’. That could have been anywhere on Doncaster Road.
    Over all it was a great radio ad.
    From M.P

  8. Dear 5ES
    I really enjoyed everyone’s radio advertisement but I am going to comment on HM, ES and MKs radio advertisement about going to Westfield Shoppingtown.

    I really liked how at the start you started off with a problem and then that problem got solved by going to Westfield Shoppingtown and how you interviewed someone who just went there and they had a great time and talked about all the positive stuff. Also, I think you put a lot of detail into the radio ad.

    You could improve BY raising your voices a little bit louder and try to talk a little bit slower so that the audience can hear you properly and clearly.
    From A.Co

  9. Hello 5ES,
    I really liked listening to all the radio ads. I would like to comment on HM,ES and MK’s radio ad. It had lots of information about sales and prices. I also liked the how you made your voices like a persuasive voice. I liked the part where you talked to the customers about the prices. I think it was funny and how you did it so quickly.

    I really liked it although you could make it a bit longer and talk to more customers. You could have explained how the things there look and things like that. You could put more funny things in to make it look great and show that people should go there and buy more things. But out of it all, it was good and I really enjoyed it.

  10. Dear reader.
    I loved all the radio ads, even though they sounded weird they were awesome, but I have one favourite and I am going to be reviewing HM, MK and ES’s add about Westfield.

    I loved the part where they interviewed the customer, it was my favourite part. I also liked how they used their persuasive voices to grab the audience’s attention. After listening to it I was like “why didn’t I do that?” It was amazing. I just loved everything.

    But one thing I did notice was that some people rushed the interviewing part and I barely heard anything, but I made it out after repeating it 2 times. You only needed to change that but everything else I loved. I think you are my favourite.

    Thank you for reading

    Sincerely CS

  11. Hello fellow 5ES bloggers,

    Great job IG, ACo and ACa on your radio ad. You did a great job with persuading the listener, because you gave a lot of information about Milkshake Town. You also did a great job with the ‘free meal if you call’ deal. I also think that you had a lot of persuasive language and you made very good characters for birthday parties.

    Next time, you can also use more rhetorical questions because it will persuade the listener to come to milkshake town more. I think you can use higher modality words to engage the listeners. Overall I think you did a great job. If I could score out of ten I would say a nine for the above reasons.

    From DO.

  12. Hello students of the 5ES community,

    I extremely enjoyed listening to all the radio ads. All of them were very persuasive. This blog post is about ES, HM and MK’s advertisement about going to Westfield shopping centre.

    I found their ad was super interesting and persuasive, because it had a lot of detail, and also lots of high modality language. I thought they did a fantastic job how ES used a lot of expression and brilliant exaggeration at the beginning. It really hooked me in to keep on listening to the ad, because he had a lot of expression in his voice. I also loved how they did an interview with a customer (even though it was just MK pretending) and how she talked about how she felt about Westfield shopping centre.

    I think you could improve by making your voices louder and trying not to rush, but making it a lot slower, because I had trouble listening to some parts. Over all, I think it was done extremely well.
    From, V.L.

  13. Dear fellow bloggers,
    I was listening to MP, GX,TS’ radio advertisement. It was really good except they had a few errors in their pronunciation and there were a few stages where they stopped talking for a few seconds. Other than that they did really well, especially in telling the listener where the different highlights of the zoo were located and what’s there.

    I especially enjoyed listening to the part when G.X started talking about the monkeys in their new enclosure eating bananas. I thought it was really funny.
    I hope you enjoyed reading my post

  14. Hello members of the 5ES community,
    I enjoyed listening to everyone’s radio ads. We will comment on KA, NM and AJ’s radio ad. Theirs was about persuading teenagers to come to the library.
    It was excellent because the jingle at the end was VERY persuasive. They made the jingle sound kind of like a gangster which most teenagers love. The other good things were that they included a phone number and a web address so that people could go online to find out more. Another great idea was when they said that there was a PS4 which teenagers absolutely adore because pretty much all teenagers love games and free Wi-Fi.

    Some things that they could have worked on were when they said comments from people, their voices were quite stuffy and one of them was so high pitched and it sounded muffled. They spoke immediately after one another as if there were no full stops at all.
    Overall, their radio ad was quite impressive.
    ACh and SR

  15. Hello Grade 5,
    I thought the radio advertisements were extremely enjoyable to listen to; some of them of them even particularly hilarious. I want to go into detail of the advertisement done by YT, NS, MM and TN. Among all of the class’s ones, they had theirs the longest; they put in heaps of information into the recording. It actually would have made not too bad an advertisement to go on the radio. It really stood out to me because:
    • it had lots of information
    • I was taken in and (unlike some radio advertisements I listen to) I did not want to just turn it off
    • not only were persuasive devices like exaggeration and similes used, but the tone of voice in particular was helpful
    • it was on for such a long time and they could finish so much, but it was not boring and did not ramble on and on too much
    • it was pretty clear that the advertisement was aimed at kids

    Some of the things I think they could have done better were even though they did a good job with the time/content ratio, I still think they should have kept it to just a minute or a bit more. Also, I think they could have skipped or skimmed right through the bit just before the middle. For their statistics, I’d even say have the 80% figure higher. Also, they should have made it a more precise number (e.g. 88%).

    Overall, that was a good advertisement. I liked it!
    Rating: 75%
    See you,

  16. Hello members of the 5ES community,
    I have listened to KA, NM and AJ’s advertisement and I would like to comment on theirs.
    I really enjoy the emphasis on trying to involve teenagers in the library by offering free Wi-Fi and complementary headphones. The computer use if you have a library card is a good touch because it encourages people to get library cards. I am sure everyone will love the new comic section, including me!
    I like how the library has a lot of variety and is the biggest library in Victoria.
    I also like how you have a studying section especially for VCE.
    All of the gamers will love to play on the custom PS3s that are free to use in between studying.
    I don’t think there was anything you needed to improve on.

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