Chatting with MM

A place for 5ES to communicate with MM in QLD.


  1. Dear world bloggers,
    MM I just wanted to say that I miss you alot and I want to see you more. I wish you can stay forever and ever I miss you. 🙁

  2. Hello 5ES, not long before I move to Queensland and I am really excited and just thought I would leave this comment on the blog before I leave. Hope that you’re all doing well and having fun.

  3. Hi MM,
    I’m glad that you are excited about your move to Queensland. We still miss you here though! Good luck at your new school. Please come back to our blog and chat to us from time to time.
    Ms Sleeth

  4. Hi MM,
    It has been a very busy term for us here. We had camp last week and this week we have swimming. The term is flying by so quickly! Do you have a Skype account? Maybe we can organise a Skype session with you.
    Ms Sleeth

  5. Hi MM,
    I miss you and hope that we can chat on skype again.
    I wish you could stay forever because you are my best friend. I hope you miss me to because i miss you.
    Are you having a good time? When are you leaving to Beijing/Great wall of China?
    I hope you can answer my questions please.
    Bye MM.
    From DO
    P.S. I hope you are having fun.

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