Community enterprise: making a choice

Learning Intention: identifying facts and opinions and using this to make a judgement.

Scenario: Your local council wants to develop an old factory site. Help it to compare the benefits of three proposals: building a swimming pool, toy factory or parklands.

  1. With your partner, go to the following link: Community enterprise: making a choice
  2. Press ‘click to play’ to begin the activity.
  3. On your jotter pad take notes of the facts and opinions given by various people and groups within the community about the development of the factory site.
  4. Based on the facts and opinions surrounding the issue and the economic, social and environment effects of each proposal, decide which proposal the council should choose.
  5. As a blog post, write a letter to the council explaining which proposal you believe they should choose and why. Use facts from the activity and your own opinion to form your response.


  1. Dear members of the council,
    We believe that a swimming pool would be the best proposal for the old factory site. We believe this because people can get a job and it’s very close to the local residents. We think it’s good to have a swimming pool because you can exercise, have lessons and have fun! A swimming pool is great because it can be for all ages.
    TN, YT, NS

  2. Dear Council

    We think that a swimming pool is perfect for the community to use because the closest swimming pool is 10 km away. It would be heaps of fun for the kids and you can get in some exercise through their daily schedule. Younger citizens (years 9-12) can get a job at the cafe, shop or as a life guard. After we have built the swimming pool we can gain back the money that we spent to upgrade the swimming pool in a couple of years. We do not think that a toy factory would be reasonable because it would create pollution to the local environment. Children would also have a lot of fun going down water slides.
    In conclusion, we think that a swimming pool would be good for the community to build on the old factory site.

    From G.X, M.P, T.S, I.G & A.Co

  3. Dear Council,

    We believe that the old factory site should be converted and changed into a swimming pool. Even if it will cost a lot, you can charge people to use the pool and you can pay off the cost for the pool in a few years. It doesn’t create a lot of pollution and it is a place for fun and exercise. It is very educational as it can teach you about how to be water safe through lessons. The kids can have fun at the pool with water slides and other fun and educational activities. It can provide jobs for citizens as lifeguards.To prevent the increase of drowning, the pool provides a baby pool for the younger children.

    In conclusion, we believe that the old factory site should be converted into a swimming pool.

    AC, CS and DO

  4. Dear members of the Council,
    In our perspective, we believe that the park is the best option for the community to replace the old factory site.
    A park would be an environmentally friendly place for people of all ages. Not only will it benefit the environment, it is also very healthy for people as they can do outside activities there and enjoy the fresh air. It will also help to make money because carnivals and other acivities can be held there. Also, because a garden centre will be built there, people can be employed, which will make even more money.
    Overall, a park would be the best option because of many reasons, and many people have agreed.
    V.L. and A.Z.

  5. Dear members of the council,
    We believe that the old factory site should be turned into a parkland. It will have many benefits including:
    – It will be good for the environment
    – It will provide habitats for animals
    – It will provide oxygen from trees
    – We could add a garden centre and make money
    – It will benefit people without backyards
    – It will be a good place for socializing with people, all families could go there, a great place to walk dogs and it will benefit everyone in the community.

    It will be a great place although the cost may be high-$1.5 million, but you can get back some of the money with the garden centre.

    A swimming pool and a toy factory will also be good ideas. A swimming pool will be a good idea because it is good exercise, it is an essential skill for life and there will be more jobs.
    A toy factory will be a good idea because recycled material could be used to make toys.

    Thank you for reading and we hope you consider our proposal.


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