Public Speaking

This term 5ES are participating in our public speaking program in which everyone gets to present a formal speech and take on other important roles. It is essential to organise your time and be ready to give your speech on your allocated day.

Follow the link, Public Speaking Student Book, to access all the information you need to be ready to present your speech.

Please use this space to make positive comments about your own speech and others’ speeches.


  1. Hello fellow bloggers,
    I think my speech was good but needed more work to improve and perfect it. However all of the other students in the class did very well with their speeches. I also think that doing the roles our teacher gave us was very fun.
    This year’s public speaking was much better than last year’s.
    I think that Ms Sleeth did a great job when running public speaking.
    Thank you all for reading my comment.

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed the program, DO.
      I was very impressed by the quality of everyone’s speeches. It was clear that everyone put in a great deal of effort and practice in preparation for their speeches.
      Ms Sleeth

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